What does TeleNet Media provide?

TeleNet specializes in  delivering Live, High Quality Internet Broadcasting, Satellite Uplink to  your CDN or ours for your event, On‐Site High Speed Internet, Full  event production services.

sm-pic-01 How is this service cost effective to a company?

This service can help reduce costs on numerous fronts and headaches! For corporate events we bring the event live to your employees rather than flying them all to one location. For sponsors/promoters we provide you with your own “Channel” to broadcast your event to the world, which can be more effective than buying commercial space or simply sponsoring an event where your banner will be hung up. Our costs for transmission is about half that of a traditional television truck and there are no time restrictions online like there are with television broadcasts. Most importantly — it's your show. Depending upon your broadcast needs, you can brand and market your broadcast in a way that benefits you without sharing valuable demographics with other competitive advertisors. It's more than cost effectve, it can also be a profit generator.

What is a CDN and why do I need it?


CDN stands for Content  Delivery Network. In its simplist definition, it's a network of  computers required to distribute your content to your mass audience.  Every broadcast requires one and we can easily provide it if needed.

What is Internet Broadcasting and Streaming?

The short answer is High Quality Webcasting/Streaming. I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Okay, but what's streaming?" The term "streaming" is an accepted term which means video is displayed in real time. When video is being streamed, the web viewer does not have to wait to download a file to play it. They are watching a continuous stream of video.

Webcasting is not very good quality right?

TeleNet webcasting technology provides High Quality video and audio to the end‐user, based on their connection speed. No stuttering or buffering issues due to our superior uplink and CDN technologies.


How does TeleNet provide this service where there is no High Speed Internet access?

We use our state of the art satellite transmission equipment/network to deliver the IP Video to your CDN or ours. With the same equipment, we can downlink to provide High Speed Internet access onsite, which is helpful in disaster or remote locations.

What if I already have a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that I am happy with?

No worries! We can provide you with just the link from the event to your existing CDN via our reliable satellite network so everything will be directed straight to your CDN from the event.


This sounds really expensive.

We can work with most production budgets or plans. We can manage church events, corporate lectures, shareholder meetings, sporting events, concerts, and more!

How do I monetize the service?

 TeleNet can work with you to provide Banner Ads on the video player, graphic overlays during the broadcast, traditional sponsorships, if you want, even commercial breaks and we can provide the program as a Pay‐Per‐View event.